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Successful Annual Event at Electronics Goes Green 2024 

The first annual event of the project, gathering nearly 80 participants both online and in person, took place at Electronics Goes Green on 17 June. 

Professionals from around the world headed to Berlin and joined our workshop focussing on how to optimise REuse, REpair, REcycling, REmanufacturing and REcovery of valuable resources in electronic products using Digital Product Passport. 

As our partners from the entire value chain presented their respective views and learnings from CE-RISE to date, participants of the conference were eager to find answers to many of their questions concerning the implementation of the Digital Product Passport: 

  • How will the findings of CE-RISE be implemented after the project? 
  • How difficult is it to collect relevant data (i.e. on components)? 
  • How compliance between different markets be assured for a manufacturer? 
  • Which new business models can be supported by the implementation of the DPP? 
  • How repair could be increased thanks to DPP?  

With discussions continuing in coffee break and the networking evening, the project’s first official event proved to be a successful conversation starter.  

Many of the valuable audience inputs will help the consortium shaping further work on CE-RISE, but one of the main findings for all was that DPP can only be functional if implemented together with new business models to create a fully circular eco-system.  

If you wish to learn more about the discussions, please check the slides shown at the event below.  


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