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The CE-RISE project (2023-2026), funded through the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme aims to create an information system and integrate digital product passports, that will provide detailed information on electronic products.

The system and products will be evaluated through five case studies where digital product passports will be developed for computers, printers, solar panels, batteries as well as heating systems.

The project is developing a formal network of stakeholders that will be the first to be informed about the project progress and results, to be consulted to understand their needs, to collect data, to test outcomes and to raise awareness, also giving them the opportunity to become early adopters of the system.

We will invite them to participate at the workshops, and presentation-based events held during the project. Specifically, stakeholder consultation events will take the form of workshops and clustering events. These events will touch on the application of the digital product passport (DPP) and recycling criteria (RE).

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Registration Form

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