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One Year of CE-RISE: Consortium Meeting in Athens 

Early December, consortium partners headed to Athens for the project’s third presential meeting. To kick off the session, motivated to learn more about ECORESET’s activities, partners geared up to visit its refurbishing and sorting facilities in the vicinity of the Greek capital. Spyros Karamoutsos and Dimitra Papoutsoglu presented the local specificities of WEEE management and related extended producer responsibility regulations and answered partners’ questions during the two-hour visit and shed light on: 

  • Their contribution to ReWeee, a Life funded project aiming to reduce e-waste production and promote the reuse and refurbishment of electrical products.  
  • Being one of the largest facility participating in the National Take Back System in Greece. 
  • Tying into ReWeee, ECORESET’s aim to develop a culture for repair and reuse. 
  • How the CE-RISE Project and the Digital Product Passport will accelerate the processing of WEEE.  

During the meetings, partners did not only discuss project progress but also participated in three workshops, discussing RE-criteria and the successful implementation of circular strategies, socio-economic and environmental footprint of products from different perspectives, and understanding the functionality of the CE-RISE Information System by testing its first prototype. 

Eager to build on existing shared knowledge, CE-RISE welcomed three guest speakers: Fredrik Andresen from Batteriretur joined the meeting to share his expertise in electric vehicles and high voltage batteries while Advisory Board member, Eduard Wagner, representing CIRPASS talked about supply chain transparency. Finally, project partners familiarised themselves with the DigInTraCE thanks to Alexandros Chatzipavlidis and Lucyna Lekawska-Andrinopoulou’s detailed presentation. 

We spent the first year of CE-RISE understanding the industries and consumers’ needs to minimise waste generation and prolong the lifetime of critical raw materials in different value chains of products. We are looking forward to exploring various pathways to implement CE-RISE concept in 2024. 

Golnoush Abbasi, Scientific Project Coordinator

A special thank you to ECORESET for hosting 2023’s last consortium meeting and welcoming a team of over 30 people from all over Europe.