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Meet Our Partners | WEEE Forum

Seeing as the WEEE Forum is currently participating in seven EU funded projects, we were curious to hear their motivation for joining CE-RISE. We asked Michelle Wagner, Technical Project Coordinator of the WEEE Forum to tell us a bit more about herself and why the WEEE Forum joined CE-RISE.

Since 2022, Michelle Wagner has held the position of Technical Project Coordinator at the WEEE Forum. In this capacity, Michelle provides crucial technical expertise in the field of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) to EU-funded initiatives, including notable projects such as CE-RISE. Furthermore, Michelle played a pivotal role in providing essential input during the proposal development phase of the CE-RISE project.

Magdalena Charytanowicz works for the WEEE Forum for over 12 years and is the association’s Communication Manager. In CE-RISE she is responsible for delivering the Communication and Dissemination work package. Her motivation for joining the project was the challenge of explaining the complexities of Digital Product Passport and issues around it to layman audience.

“Environmental issues are often presented in a very pessimistic or complex way. With CE-RISE we want to show that there are solutions to many of these issues and that a tremendous work is being done thanks to the EU funding by research organisations, industry and other players of the e-waste sector to address them.”

Nanett Kalapos joined the WEEE Forum as Communications Assistant last November and has been responsible for the coordination of many aspects of the delivery of the communication and dissemination work in CE-RISE. She manages content related tasks, be it written or visual elements, the project’s social media accounts as well as its general promotion and newsletters.

The WEEE Forum is the world’s largest multi-national centre of competence as regards operational know-how concerning the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Since its foundation in 2002, our not-for-profit association of 52 WEEE producer responsibility organisations from across the world participated to ten EU funded projects of which seven is still running.

Digital Product Passports (DPP) play a pivotal role in advancing sustainability, transparency, and responsible consumption and production. They serve as invaluable tools for a wide range of stakeholders, including consumers, manufacturers, regulators, and policymakers, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible approach to product lifecycles. DPP offer a multifaceted solution that addresses several key aspects such as materials transparency, legislation compliance, traceability, repairability, recyclability, social and economic impact such as local employment. Furthermore, facilitate the shift away from a linear “take-make-dispose” model toward a more sustainable, circular approach. Moreover, it can empower consumers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions, incentivizing manufacturers to produce eco-friendly products and adopt responsible practices. In addition, DPPs can improve supply chain efficiency by providing manufacturers information to reduced waste, improved resource management, and cost savings.

DPPs are pivotal for WEEE Forum Partners as they enhance traceability, streamline recycling efforts, ensure regulatory compliance, educate consumers about environmental impact, and foster collaborative, transparent supply chains in the electronics industry, all contributing to a more sustainable and circular approach to electronic waste management.

The WEEE Forum plays a crucial role in the CE-RISE project, contributing substantial expertise and industry best practices in WEEE management. This contribution involves fostering cooperation among various stakeholders, extending technical assistance for tasks within the project’s work packages, contributing feedback, and valuable insights to shape the project’s findings and recommendations.

Moreover, the WEEE Forum is leading the communication and dissemination activities of the project leveraging its previous experience and wide-reaching network. This series of interviews was brought to you by the WEEE Forum as well. Our goal is to maximise the project’s outreach and engage stakeholders, policymakers, and consumers in the coming years.