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CE-RISE Partners Met at the Third Consortium Meeting in Brussels

Over 40 participants gathered in Brussels between 8 and 9 June at the third consortium meeting of the project. 

The event kicked off with two intensive workshops led by projects partners. At first, Viessmann guided four different groups through enabling circularity and anticipating Digital Product Passport requirements for different components and actors across the value chain.  

Following a short coffee break, colleagues from UNITAR, TU Berlin and BRGM held an interactive workshop to better understand the CE-RISE RE-criteria (reuse, refurbishment, repair, remanufacturing, recycling) and potential Digital Product Passport requirements.  

The second day continued in a similar theme, diving deeper into the matter of Digital Product Passports with external experts and the CE-RISE Advisory Board.  

Eduard Wagner from Fraunhofer IZM presented CIRPASS, an EU funded project preparing the ground for the gradual piloting and deployment of Digital Product Passports. The project is focussing on developing a roadmap for prototypes in three value chains: electronics, batteries, and textiles. 

CE-RISE Advisory Board Members joined the meeting both online and in person. Both partners and elected experts were able to discuss pivotal aspects of the project groundwork and its eventual direction during the almost two-hour long session moderated by TU Berlin.  

As another guest speaker, DIGITALEUROPE provided an insight into their research and perspective on Digital Product Passports before closing the day with the CE-RISE General Assembly.  

Project partners were bouncing ideas off each other during these two days and we are looking forward to seeing how these conversations will turn into reality in the coming months.